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Auto Skin-ek





HQ Model
HQ Textures
High polys count
SA Plate
Full Damage+Airbags
No detailed engine for now.



- Full Damage
- 3 PaintJobs (Basics)
- Sa Plate
- A new Plate Frame
- HQ Textures
- HQ Model (High Polys Count)
- Realistic Shadow
- 1 Wheel from a F430 Scuderia GT (FM3)
- And...

- And extra tunig parts for you add in your GTA SA
Don't replace. Add new parts
If you don't know how to add Tuning Parts for GTA Sa
I recommend you read this TUTORIAL from Carbongear
for more.
but I did a quick explanation in the 'Read-Me' file about.
are 6 Itens:
carbon skirt for f.bumper, roll cage, seats and steering wheel,
spoiler and more.




Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI GSR '99 v.2

Hi to all,
This is a new version of Evo VI
Well, in this version I fixed some bugs of previous
version (1.1) as CJ position on seats, Plates, etc.
now this car is Tunable.

*Original Model from Turn10 - Forzamotorsport 3
Edit and Converted by Me to GTA:SA

Are 2 Body Kits but only 1 Paintjob. :/
but you can create your own with the template. I did a
Rockstar Skin like that of a Rockstar Evo X Rally Car,
but I change some things it.

Like in Genesis and F430 Scuderia, the exhausts changes
the interior, as new seats and steering wheel. also the roof
add a roll cage. All from FM3
the steering is from HKS Time Attack CT230R Evo
seats from Rhys Miller' Genesis
The wheels is available for download in some posts below
Also have 2 new itens for you add in your GTA SA.
for the bonnet and also a item for you use with stock front bumper.

- 3 Models for chose (front bumpers)
- Basic Engine
- Full Damage+Airbags
- Realistic Shadow
- HQ Textures

Now Fixed with passengers in the backseat and also Extra Spolier
But only the model #1 :)
download Ver.1.1 below

EVO8 tunable with a choice of 3 Body Kit
*VeilSide - A
*C-West - C
*Chargespeed - A (EXTRA)

the car is 100% completed, just missing the paintjobs








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(LmD Sky, 2011.02.11 13:56)

Cool :D